Mosquitoes and Ticks – Vector surveillance, 16 Dec 2019

Workshop in Lisbon; Public: Environmental and Public Health Technicians; Medical doctors; Veterinary doctors; 30 participants.

The aim of this workshop was to provide essential knowledge to public health and environmental technicians, as other health and vet technicians, in the biology of arthropod vectors of infectious diseases, namely mosquito and ticks, and on the current technologies and methodologies available for vector monitoring and control. This action was taken under the National Network for Vector Surveillance (REVIVE) and the trainees will be in charge of the 2020 surveillance activities (field work) under the REVIVE.

INSA/CEVDI has participated in this event by Maria João Alves and Hugo Costa Osório as trainers, both project members of VECTRACK. VECTRACK was presented and discussed during and particularly at the end of the workshop on the topic new technologies available for vector monitoring and control.