VectorNet Annual Entomological Network Meeting (Leiden, Netherlands)

VectorNet, is a joint project of the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) and the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC), which started in May 2014, and is now in its second iteration (2019–2023). The project is supported by a Scientific Coordination Committee with members from the Public and Animal Health community.

Partner AVIA-GIS participated in the VectorNet‘s Annual Entomological Network Meeting (AENM), that took place in Leiden, the Netherlands, from 8–9 November 2022. The main objective of an AENM to strengthen the VEN was met by creating the ample opportunity to network through a hybrid meeting with all VEN members, a workshop on site entitled Entomologists in public and animal health to share experiences and best practices, plenary sessions as well as the field trip to the Dutch dunes. Apart from networking, another important objective of this specific AENM was met, namely to provide EFSA a qualitative assessment of the risk of introduction of 18 vector- borne zoonotic diseases in the EU based on expert opinion, previous assessments and knowledge gathered by VectorNet during a workshop entitled EFSA-One Health.