14th Annual Meeting of EPIZONE (Barcelona, Spain)

The EPIZONE European Research Group constitutes an international network of veterinary research institutes working on epizootic animal diseases. The EPIZONE congress plays a key role in the dissemination of research based on prevention, detection and control of animal diseases and zoonoses in order to reduce the risks and harm to animal and public health in the EU and beyond.

The 14th EPIZONE Annual Meeting was hosted by the Animal Health Research Center IRTA-CReSA from 18-20 May 2022 in Barcelona with the motto “New horizons, new challenges”. IRTA-CReSA contributed with a VECTRACK oral presentation to the vector-borne disease section titled “Remote identification of mosquitoes: new insights into arbovirus surveillance”. The presentation aroused many interest between the audience, which were mainly veterinarians and biologists concerned about Culex mosquito species, which are vectors of West Nile and Rift Valley viruses that affect wild and domestic animals.